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1. To create and give offers to the authorities for undertaking measures of biodiversity protection in Rhodope Mountains.

2. To take part in creating plans for managing the protected territories and objects, assigned by the authorities, stipulated by the law.

3. To organize and hold social debates seminaries, informal workshops and other forms of meetings between non-government organizations and government authorities interested in the matter.

4. To create expert standpoint connected with protection of nature and culture values in Rhodope Mountains.

5. To create and assist in developing an information centers serving the Rhodope Mountains together with helping them to work.

6. To create and develop a system of educational programs causing development of social eco-consciousness.

7. To help activities connected with sustainable development of Rhodope mountain – sustainable tourism, ecological agriculture etc.

8. To help the owners or clients activities, NGO-s and other organizations and persons, that sustainable use the nature resources and tolerate the culture and the traditions of Rhodope Mountains.

9. To inform the society and the authorities that may concern about problems with nature preserving in Rhodopes.